Perhaps it is because of the way that men were brought up but most guys seem to have difficulty expressing their feelings.  A lot of them are too focused on how to look cool and manly that in the process of taking care of their reputation, they lose the things that are really important to them.  Guys may seem like they do not care about feelings and emotions and some of them may even appear to be stoic at times but the truth is they feel just as deeply as women do.

They are only afraid of expressing their feelings because they are worried about how others would react to it.  No one wants to hang around a guy sap after all.  The other reason is that they have been taught and reared by society to act all tough.  Well, if your goal is to win ex girlfriend back, that technique just would not work.  You have to learn how to express your feelings, emotions and you must be able to show her the language of love.

But what is the language of love?  There are many ways in which love can be expressed.  First, you can do so by simply saying “I love you” and doing so creatively and in different ways.  Second, you can express love by sharing your time with the person you love.  Third, for some people, love is expressed by service so your willingness to help tells an awful lot about you.  Fourth, you can share your love by giving gifts and fifth, love can also be express by giving the tightest and warmest hug to the person that you love.  If your goal is to win ex girlfriend, back, show her that you are fully capable of expressing love.  Break free from the stigma of society that men should be stoic and show her that you love her by employing the language of love.

So how do you employ the language of love in order to get back a girlfriend?  It can be as simple as talking to her and telling her that you love her straight to her face or writing a card expressing exactly how you feel.  Of course, you can also leave her Facebook messages and text messages but somehow the good old fashioned letter or Hallmark greeting card can be very tough to beat.

Second, spend some time with her and I am not just talking about whatever time is left after work.  Show her that you love her so much by finding a place for her during your prime time.  Time is about quality as much as it is about quantity.  Time is one of the most important things that you can give a person because it is something that you can never get back.

Third, be willing to do things for your ex.  It may no longer be your responsibility but because you love her, show her that you are compelled to do it anyway.

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