Three Compelling Reasons to Get Back with Boyfriend

A break up is always painful and hurtful.  After all, you invested time and emotions on that certain someone.  Hence, to see everything that you invested on fall apart is never easy.  Besides, you already got used to always having that person around.  Suddenly having him uprooted from your life would take getting used to once again since you have to reprogram your system.  Sometimes, however, a break up is not always such a bad thing.  If the person is not really right for you, then it is best to break up now than later when you are already married.  Yes, it would hurt but you will get over it.  However, if you reason to get back with boyfriend are any of the three, then by all means, fight for your man and what you once shared.

If you really love your ex boyfriend and you believe that what you had is worth fighting for, then go ahead and fight for it.  The question is how do you know if what you are feeling is really love and not just a sense of dependence on the other person?  It is love if you can confidently say that you love him despite of his shortcomings and not merely because of all the wonderful things that he is.  Love embraces both the good and the bad.  Are you willing to embrace both in him?  If it is a yes, then that is a compelling reason to get back with boyfriend.

Second, get back with boyfriend if you believe that you bring out the best in each other.  After all, isn’t that what couples should do?  If you believe that you are a better person with him and he is a better person with you, then invest on your relationship.

The last compelling reason is if you just can’t imagine how your future would be without him.  Do not just look at this in the emotional sense but in the rational sense as well.  If you see yourself getting married to him because you know that you make a good team, then that is strong reason to get back with boyfriend.


3 Tips to Get Back with Boyfriend

Sometimes when couples break up, they just do it in the heat of the moment but the truth is that they still really love each other and not entirely ready to let go of what they had yet.  Did you recently break up with your boyfriend and you are now regretting your decision because you still love him?  Well, these are the 3 tips to get back with boyfriend and have him back in your arms in no time.

First, you can’t get back with boyfriend if you are still somewhat angry and you think that you would end up lashing on him again the next time that you see each other.  Hence, let yourself simmer first.  Get hold of your emotions and understand why you felt that way or reacted so strongly on the situation.  Once that you’ve got that covered and you feel that you are ready to speak with him, then get in touch and follow the 2nd tip below.

Next, once you have scheduled your talk, try rehearsing what you will say in your mind so you can share it without being rude or hurtful.  Remember, the point is to get him back and not to convince him that you are right about the whole thing.  Once you two are talking, simply express your thoughts and do not forget to apologize for the things that you know you did wrong.  Tell him that you still love him and that you want things to work out between the two of you.

Third, whether or not he agrees to immediately get back together with you, show him the change that you are willing and able to do with yourself in order to make the relationship work.  Once he sees that in you, he is bound to come running back in your arms.  Those are the 3 tips to get back with boyfriend.


3 Wrong Techniques to Get Back with Boyfriend

Did you recently just break up with your boyfriend and you are having a very tough time coping with it?  Perhaps during your time alone, you realized that you still love him.  That is very common and if you believe that what you had with your man is worth fighting for, then go ahead and try to get back with boyfriend.  Do it the right way though because some women just totally screw up in this department.  These are the 3 common wrong techniques that women employ to win him back that just never works.

1.      The stalking ex girlfriend is no fun at all.  Yes, you have to show him that you still care but you do not have to hound in him Facebook, clog his phone with SMS messages from you and camp out his house.  That is just not cool.  More than anything, it would just annoy and your get back with boyfriend plan would only fail.

2.      Yes, the revenge outfit is good for the next time that you see each other.  After all, it never hurts for him to see you looking your absolute best however, do not go overboard to the point that you end up showing far too much skin.  That would only make you appear cheap and he would be happy that you two are not together anymore.  This technique just won’t work if you want to get back with boyfriend.

3.      Being the weepy girlfriend who cannot seem to pull things together since the break up also won’t be able to get back with boyfriend.  You don’t have to be happy with the situation but he certainly won’t like seeing his ex with puffy eyes and red nose all of the time.

Those are the 3 “must nots” that if you avoid, would send him right in to your arms.