Reasons to Save a Marriage

Do you know the reasons as to why you need to save a marriage? It is said that a lot of marriages these days are failing and there are adults who seem to think that they can get in and out of a marriage in just a snap.  Marriage is made to be a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman.  It is not born out of convenience but out of genuine and unselfish love.  While it is normal for a married couple to hit a couple of bumps every now and then, the key is to save it from completely going down the drain.  These are the reasons:

First, couples may not admit it but with every failed marriage comes a scar in relationships that never really heal.  Couples who get a divorce end up marrying someone else in the future and guess what, chances are the same vicious cycle would just happen all over again.  Why?  Because unresolved issues during the first marriage just gets carried over to the second one.  So why not try to salvage your first marriage.  Save a marriage and never get the deep emotional wounds of a failed one.

Second, a marriage is supposed to be a vow that you gave the other person to love him or her for life.  Yes, the road is not always smooth but if you give up too soon and turn back on your word, then what does your word mean?  It means nothing.  Save a marriage and keep your integrity, letting people know that when you say something, you stick to your word.

Third, you save a marriage for the reason that you still love your spouse.  It may not be obvious when you are hurt but once you get past the pain, you will realize that love still prevails and so you need to keep the marriage from going down the drain.



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3 Steps to Save a Marriage

Once upon a time, you felt like a hero or a heroine in a fairytale when you were with your spouse.  These days, however, things are different.  You either feel you are the villain making things tough for your significant other or the victim who always falls prey to the whim of the villain.  Your marriage is going in a downward spiral.  Are there ways to save a marriage so that it can go back to the fairytale story that you used to have?

The first step in order to save a marriage is to do some introspection and try to determine what went wrong, when it went wrong and what your contributions are to the problem.  Pride will not bring you anywhere and so you need to address the problem from the core.  Before you talk to your spouse about it, deal with the problem within you first so when you feel that you are ready to talk, you know the exact words to say and to say it with love.

The second step is to finally talk to your spouse.  Be open and lay your cards in the table.  Remember that as you do this, however, the point is for reconciliation and not to point out the blame to the other.  Speak your thoughts and your desire to set things right.  Tell your spouse that you want to fix your marriage because you are still in love.

The last step to save a marriage is to work on the things that you think you have been doing wrong.  After talking, your spouse would expect certain things to change and you have to make sure that it does.  If you both exert effort on your marriage, you are bound to save it and live happily together once more.


The Golden Rules in Order to Save a Marriage

It is sad how more and more children end up being a part of broken homes because the parents just cannot seem to get along.  Can you imagine the psychological effects it has on children when they see their parents constantly fighting and eventually split up?  It would be sad if they end up with the same cycle once they are all grown up and married.  Do not let your children be among those raised by a single parent.  With these golden rules, you can save a marriage and live happily with your spouse and kids.

Golden Rule #1:  It is impossible for a couple to never fight.  Expect that you and your spouse would have arguments every now and then but an argument does not necessarily have to lead to divorce if it is properly handled.  This may be an old saying but it is true.  In order to save a marriage, you must never let the sun set without fixing your problems.  Hence, never should couples go to bed angry with the spouse.  Doing this all the time would lead to bitterness due to emotions that were never expressed and concerns that were never discussed.

Golden Rule #2:  Even in anger, you must love.  The problem with some married couples is that when they are angry, they tend to forget that they should love their spouse and so they say things carelessly.  Words cut deep so use them to encourage and never to bring down a person.  You can get angry with what your spouse did but remember that you love your spouse.  That will change the way that you react to troubling moments tremendously.  That is the second golden rule in order to save a marriage that has been tried and tested through time.