How to Get a Man and Keep His Attention

Men are visual creatures and they can be pretty fickle too.  You can get his attention at one point and lose it all together in the next few hours.  So here are some ways on how to get a man and keep his attention.  Mind you, this does not involve any seduction but simply making him like you or even love you exactly for the kind of person that you are.

Every relationship starts with a fateful meeting and did you know that your chances of keeping a man starts with day one?  How to get a man during the first meeting involves showing him your fun side by looking for something in common that you have.  You don’t have to pretend to be interested in things that you are clearly not into but if you ask the right questions and dig deep enough, you are bound to find something that you both find interesting.  Build on that subject and use it as your kick off point.

Second, once you are out on your first real date, dress nice.  That does not mean that you have to be all formal.  Dress in accordance to the kind of date that you have but make sure that you look really good in it.  Men are visual creatures, remember that.  Those who are experts in how to get a man know for a fact that looks is an important factor.

Third, you want to get beyond the physical attraction and make him like you the way you are.  So reveal yourself to him by not being pretentious in any way.  If he is smart and has good taste, he will see what a gem of a woman you are – one who is worthy of his full attention.




Three Subtle Ways on How to Get a Man

Before anything else, let me specify just how important the word “subtle” is on how to get a man.  Some women just try to hard and instead of experiencing happily ever after with mister right, they end up with a couple of flings with mister wrong.  Why is that?  Because sometimes, in a woman’s desire to get a man, she comes in too strong to the point that she comes across as “easy”.  That is never good if you want to live your happily ever after with prince charming.

To help you with your dilemma of being single for such a long time now, here are three subtle ways on how to get a man – a man who will love you, care for you and treat you with utmost respect.

First, look for activities that are of interest to you.  You will be surprised how this indirect approach could lead you to mister right.  If you are into the great outdoors then join a hiking group.  You are bound to meet someone who has the same interest as you and by doing something that you both enjoy, sparks could fly and before you know it, you already have mister right in your arms.  That is one subtle way on how to get a man.

Second, mingle and meet other people.  You do not have to try to be someone else in order to impress a guy.  Just be yourself and have fun.  Mister right would like you just the way you are.

Third, when you are talking to potential mister right, be happy and charming and witty.  Some women go too far and practically throw themselves at them.  Wrong move, girl, just show him the interesting person that you are and let him make the first move.


The Big Don’ts on How to Get a Man

Some women, especially those who are nearing mid 30s who are still single tend to panic and do crazy things in order to snag themselves a boyfriend.  Sometimes, they go too far and the plan backfires, leaving them single, alone and aging.  These are the big don’ts on how to get a man.  By knowing what not to do, you just might be able to find Mr. Right.

1.      Do not come too strong that you appear desperate.  The last thing you want men to think is that you will go for anyone as long as it would mean the end to your singleness.  Hence, you can be nice but not too nice to the point that you are pretty much already flailing your arms to a guy you just met.  That is on top of the big don’ts list on how to get a man.

2.      Do not go the opposite direction and be all shy and uptight either.  That is a great way to be an old maid and be alone for life.  You do not have to look like you dislike men.  You can smile, have a nice chat with them and even have fun talking. The important thing is to strike a balance between being friendly and being uptight.  Going to this extreme does not work when trying to get a man.

3.      Some women try to change their personality and who they appear to be in hopes that it would attract men to them.  Although the technique might work, it is not always the best way to go.  The last thing you want is for a man to fall in love with a person who is not you.  Being honest and true can actually work on getting a man.