Get Back a Girlfriend with these Tried and Tested Methods

People often think that women are such complex creatures and so there are no surefire steps for a guy who wants to get back a girlfriend.  Although it is true that the details vary such as whether to give her flowers or chocolates, the core of women are generally similar so if you want to get back together with your girlfriend, these are some tried and tested methods that you should follow.

1.      Girls generally want to be chased.  That is part of their psychological make so if you want to get back a girlfriend, woo her and court her all over again just like what you did the first time around.  You may want to kick it up a notch though because initially, there were no hurt emotions involved which is clearly not the case this time around since the two of you broke up.

2.      Do not hang on to your pride because you will end up keeping it and losing your girl.  If you want to get back a girlfriend, be totally honest and tell her how you feel.  Do not just show her that you love her but express it with your words.  Women want to be assured of a man’s love in that manner.  Just lay your cards on table.

3.      Tell her how awfully sorry you are for hurting her and mean it.  Do not make her feel that your break up is all her fault that would never work.  Man up and own up to your mistakes and tell her how you intend to correct it.  If she really loves you, she will apologize for her mistakes as well and will be willing to work things out with the man she loves.


Avoid these 3 Techniques and Get Back a Girlfriend

It is a proven thing that guys tend to do the silliest things in their attempt to get back a girlfriend.  Their intention may be well and good but their manner of execution is just so wrong that all it does is backfire.  Hence, she ends up hurt, he ends up hurt until such a time when the relationship is beyond repair and there is just no way to win her over once more.  Break free from that curse by knowing the top 3 things to avoid if you want her back in your arms.

1.      The jealousy technique does not work.  Don’t go walking down the coffee shop where she always hangs out with another woman in your arms.  If you think that she would realize how valuable you are and work hard to win you over, sorry, but your get back a girlfriend plan would just backfire.  You just pushed her to start seeing other guys which is the exact opposite of what you want to do.

2.      The whole “you are not important” technique is not cool either.  Some guys make it look like the break up did not hurt them at all in any way and flaunts that notion even though it is killing them inside.  That is never good.  If you show her that she is not important, you will never get back a girlfriend.  Showing that you are coping is good.  Not caring at all is a totally different thing.

3.      Doing the total opposite and going for the stalking technique won’t cut it either.  The last thing that you need is for her to think that you are unstable and scary.  It is okay to show her you care but you do not have to hound her in Facebook and call 24/7.

By knowing the techniques that don’t work, may help you get back a girlfriend successfully and live happily ever after with her.


How to Get Back a Girlfriend for All the Right Reasons

After a break up, it is normal for a guy to want to win back his ex girlfriend.  There are many reasons to want to do so; however if you want your relationship to work, you have to make sure that you want her back for the right reasons.  If not, your relationship is doomed to fail all over again.  These are some things that a guy who just went through a break up has to know on how to get back a girlfriend for all the right reasons.

Most men want tips on how to get back a girlfriend not because the truly care for her but because they just wants to save their pride – especially if she was the one who called the shots.  This reason to get her back would never work in the long term because that is not really love.  Remember, true love is selfless and wanting her back just to salvage your pride is one of the most selfish actions that you can do.

But if you want her back for the simple reason that you love her and you realized in your time apart just how intense your emotion is, then go ahead and pursue her.  Woo her just like what you did when you tried courting her the first time around.  Talk to her and be totally honest.  This may mean having to let go of your pride for that instance but as mentioned above, true love is selfless.  How to get back a girlfriend should not be that difficult if you are doing it for all the right reasons.

Just remember that everything that you tell her during your second courting stage must be sincere.  Once she sees that you’re for real, she won’t be able to resist reciprocating your love.