Most guys come to a point when they are really interested in a girl but she simply is not interested in them.  The guys will continue pursuing this girl way too often.  The guy will often try to get to a point where the girl says she just isn’t interested.  The guy will try to convince her she is, but this simply almost never works.  Girls think way differently than most men do which is why it may be hard for us to understand why they aren’t interested in us even if we are smart and decent looking.  But Imagine if a girl that we weren’t at all interested in started trying to convince you to date them, you would likely find it weird and try to steer clear of her.

When a guy tries to convince a girl that she likes him this is often the worst thing he could do.  This often comes across as needy and selfish, to very unattractive qualities.  So if the girl states that she is not interested it is important to say I respect that and try to move on.  You can stay friends with her or just stop talking to her in general but the one thing you do not want to do is ask why in hopes that you will be able to convince her to like you.  This is pointless and doesn’t really help anyone.  Even if she offers constructive criticism it still often won’t really help as what attracts girls to guys usually escapes  the girls themselves.

So the best thing for you to do if a girl isn’t interested in you is just move on.  Don’t linger and hope she will change her mind; chances are that she will never change it.  Also don’t ask her why unless you plan on remaining friends with her.

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