Being single in today’s society is really great.  Not only is it easier to find, connect, and contact multiple other singles fairly quickly but there are also many businesses that promote single business by having “singles’ nights” as well as hosting speed dating programs, to really pack their business with singles.  While the advantages of speed dating far outweigh the negatives, there still are a few to think about before you go to one of these programs.  Below are a few things to keep in mind if you do attend a speed dating program, hopefully they will help you find the person you are looking for!

Like anything in life there are bound to be problems that arise within speed dating, however it truly is a great thing, and shouldn’t be squandered and written off completely because you have one bad experience with it.  One of these problems is that sometimes a person you are encountering may have drank too much or be to touchy-feely, which could involve them be way too forward for your liking.  This can be dealt with quite easily though as you will be with a new person in just a few minutes, or if it is a bigger problem, you can just talk to the event coordinator and they will deal with the problem.  Another problem that may arise is that you simply have nothing in common with a person whom you speed date.  This is bound to happen because if you meet with say 15 people chances are you will not get along with all of them.  This could create some awkward tension between the two of you, however you can just fill the time asking them random questions about their past, it is always interesting to learn peoples’ life stories.

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A third problem that commonly occurs is that someone may ask you some fairly invasive questions, or questions that just don’t make any sense.  This can be dealt with simply by telling the person you are not going to answer that question, or you could also report it to the event supervisor if they keep pressing you. Also if you go through all 15 or however many people and still don’t meet anyone you like, don’t feel discouraged, this happens to everyone once in a while, just keep in mind that speed dating programs have a 75% success rating, so you are bound to find someone eventually. Finally probably nervousness is the most common problem felt among speed daters.  Remember if you get nervous that everyone else is probably just as nervous as you are, they are all single like you so you should have nothing to worry about.

Overall Speed dating is a pretty fun experience, with a few minor problems.  It to me is overall favorable, especially as a way to find a possible person to go on some full length dates with.  The best advice is to try to keep your wits about you, have confidence, and if things get out of hand go to the event coordinator.

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