A lot of people have a bad impression of relationship control because there are those who abuse it.  There are guys who verbally or even physically abuse the women.  There are women who strip the man off his dignity because of how she pushes him around.  But is that really what relationship control is all about?  Definitely not.

Relationship control is necessary in every relationship because that gives the couple direction.  Can you imagine how chaotic it would be if no one calls the shots in a relationship?

Let me give you an example of this

man: “what movie do you want to see?”

women: “I don’t know you choose”

man: “no, no you choose

women: ” no no you choose

and so on and so forth. Imagine that. That is a relationship without control.

What if there is trouble financially or in any other aspect and no one would say “this is what we should do”, the relationship would eventually crumble.

In short, relationship control is necessary as long as it is not overdone.  If there is respect and love in the relationship, it would never be an issue between partners.

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