Relationships these days are an absolute science. Men and women are two of the most amazing creatures ever created. Both are beautiful in their own ways, yet so very different. For most of us, the need or sense of belonging is paramount in our lives. Though being in a relationship is pure bliss, women seem to get this more than men do. Maybe this is why many more women are dumped and are on the receiving side of a break up. Men just want to be left alone!

Men are much simpler human beings than women. They are very easy to please, yet very hard to tame. One of the many great divides for men and women are that men are so transparent and to the point, where as women like to beat around the bush, and will often say what they do don’t mean. Men have a hard time seeing eye to eye with their human counterparts because we almost always say what we mean, and women need code talkers to translate for them. Men have a hard time settling down with one woman because they are so sexually driven and feel the need to explore other avenues while single. Woman are emotionally driven and will many times rub there emotions on their men, which will consequently lead to relationship war. Men dump women for many different reasons. Another reason is because they feel that their significant other does not pull their weight financially in their relationship. Constant nagging and stressful behavior can also lead a man to the edge, and may cause him to react irrationally. In general, men like to bottle their emotions, and will only wait until he explodes. A little nagging here, and a hurtful there, and then BOOM! The next thing you know, your clothes and belongings are on the porch. Men need space. Allowing him his time, peace, and quiet will move mountains in any relationship. Men don’t ask for much or require much. They are very low maintenance and when treated with care, can make for a great soul mate. Try giving him some room. Give his ego whatever it needs. It may take some time, but he will eventually come around.

In a nutshell, men want to watch their football, play their video games, get fed, and have their sex. They don’t want to engage in senseless conversation, or talk about their day. They do not care about your make up, your new jeans, or your ex boyfriends. They want to know that they can have friends who are girls, and that they do not have to stop living their lives because you have entered into it. Failure to do this is a fast ticket to Singleville.

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