Do you need help with your relationship.  Do you want the edge by getting the information on how to get a girlfriend. All you have to do is know some tips, Do you know who should pay for the bill? More often than not, people assume that the guy should be the one to take the bill.  That is true If we are talking about the first date and if he was the one who asked the woman out.  However, if the girl wants to be the dominant one in the relationship and if she was actually the one who asked the guy to have dinner with her, then it only makes sense that she be the one to pay.  Gone are the days when guys have to take all the bills.  Times are changing and we are more practical now.  These days, even the girl can take the bill.

Let us say that you have been going out with this guy for some time, then it is important to do a reality check so that you can determine who should take the bill.  Economics would say that if this were the case, the one who is earning more should take the bill.  Of course, in order to avoid making the other person in the relationship feel that they are being taken advantage of, it is okay to take the tab every now and then.

If you are a woman and you want to help your date with the financial matters involved in going out but do not want to strip him of his manly pride, you can volunteer to take the little bills.  That means that he could take care of the payment for dinner but for dessert or the movie afterwards, the tab is yours.  That way, you will not make him feel like you are taking advantage of him but you will not be totally dependent either.  If he really won’t allow you, you can express your thanks by buying him little nothings and giving them to him as a gift.


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