After a big break up it is hard to know when it is normal to start a new relationship, if you start a new relationship to soon that new person could be deemed as the rebound, if you wait too long people think you can’t get over you ex.  So what is the right length of time? There are three easy rules that will help you not leap into a new relationship to soon, and not wait too long.

The first rule is the half rule.  The half rule states that if you have been in a serious relationship for a year say, it is generally acceptable to wait at least six months before you start a new serious relationship.  This does not mean you have to wait this long to start dating however, it is always good do go one dates, just don’t take things too seriously until you have been single at least half the time you were in your last serious relationship.

The second rule to remember is that the person you get into a relationship with after your big break up will most likely be your rebound lover.  Accept this fact enjoy your rebound but don’t try to make your very next relationship more meaningful than it should be.

The third and final step is to never get into a relationship because you feel lonely.  The only time you should get into a new relationship is if you are loving yourself and your life so much you think hey I want to share this with someone else, this is the perfect time to get into a new relationship.

Overall there is no exact right time, and only you will really know when the time is right.  However it is important to remember these three easy steps, to ensure the best quality of life for you.


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