way to heartBreakups are hard to deal with, especially when you aren’t ready for them to end. It can hurt the heart and devastate you to no end. But a break up doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is over for good. It is more than possible to win back your boyfriend, if you know the secrets to doing so! Just because you broke up doesn’t mean the feelings stop too. Many people have won back their lost love and so can you when you know how!

The first thing to keep in mind is that you broke up for a reason. Whether it was infidelity, arguments or simply not seeing eye to eye any more, the split happened. Time is of the essence during a breakup, and you want to be sure to take the time that is needed. Time apart can help realize what you lost in the first place, while allowing time for both parties to understand for certain what they want. You want to be there for the person during this time, but space is also needed. Make it is known how you feel, but also keep a low profile and allow your ex-boyfriend to explore his other options.

During this time, it is also critical to do your own thinking and concentrate on why the relationship ended and what you can do to make it better. Relationships are a two way street that involves give and take. You can’t fix something if you aren’t willing to make the changes that are needed. When the time is right, and he has made his way back into your life, it is a signal the love is still there and the relationship can be saved. Use this time to the best of your ability, and go in for the kill. If you have followed the other advice given, now is the time to get it all out in the open and tell him you want him back! If he is there with you in the first place, and you have followed the laws of break up etiquette, you will win your boyfriend back!

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