Warning Signs of a BreakupMany people who believe they are in rock solid relationships find themselves blindsided by a sudden breakup. Although these people may have seen their relationship as solid, in reality they were just too happy or ignorant to see the signs that the relationship was going downhill. When in a relationship it can often be useful to look for some simple warning signs that the relationship is in trouble. Two major signs that seem to indicate a breakup are imminent are; the lack of communication when you are spending time together, and the lack of excitement or emotion of your partner. If noticed these two signs can help to signal a breakup.

Nothing signals the end of a relationship like the lack of communication between two partners. If a couple is spending time together but cannot seem to find things to talk about during that time, it can hint that the relationship may be near its end. Relationships themselves are built on the idea of two people liking each other and being able to communicate that to one another, and to be able to communicate their lives to one another. If this foundation that a relationship is built on starts to collapse, it is no surprise that the end of the relationship itself is not far behind. Noticing that you and your partner no longer are able to have long meaningful conversations is an easy way to predict a breakup may be on the way. The lack of communication is not the only thing that can signal a breakup though.

If communication has not broken down, but your partner’s excitement or emotions have, can also indicate the end of a relationship. A person is designed to only participate in things that make them happy or fulfilled, so if a relationship no longer brings a person happiness or fulfillment they are most likely not going to participate in that relationship anymore. If when you are spending time with your partner and you notice that they hardly ever smile or seem to be excited, then a breakup may be on its way. Although your partner may have no problem continuing to communicate with you, they may not be getting the fulfillment out of the interactions that they want. This lack of fulfillment which will easily lead to unhappiness can easily be the cause of a break up. By seeing the lack of communication in your relationship, or seeing that your partner is no longer happy, can help to predict a breakup is near.

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