Everyone wants to be in a relationship with that special someone, and live happily ever after.  This can happen and does happen to many different people, luckily for you your chances can of a fairy tale ending can be greatly increased if you work to get as many relationship skills and knowledge about relationships as you possibly can.  There are two keys to a great relationship that have been tested on thousands of men and women in relationships that almost always ring true.

The first key to a great relationship is understanding what makes relationships last.  Most people think that it is common interests, or really good sex that keeps relationships interesting, the real factor is how does each couple deal with conflict.  As much as people wouldn’t like to admit it conflicts arise in every relationship, it is how each person in the relationship handles the problem that really determines the longevity of the relationship.  There are many positive and negative ways to deal with common problems.  The best way to deal with conflicts is talking it out with your partner in healthy win win ways. This would be great because none of you will be in relationship control everybody wins.

The second key to a great relationship is to simply incorporate play and good humor into your relationship.  In the beginning of most relationships there is a lot of play and time spent doing fun activities with one another, but as the relationship progresses other more bland things start to fill the time you were once enjoying with your mate.  It is extremely important to continue to play with your mate even as things like work, and chores seem looming and too time consuming to do anything else, the best thing you can do for your relationship is make some time to spend doing fun things with your mate.

Following these two easy steps will get you when step closer to your happily ever after.  You only have to remember to solve conflicts in a fair and calm manner, and keep playing with your partner as you did when you first met.

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