Being in a failing marriage is painful.  It not only affects you emotionally but psychologically and physically as well.  When there are problems at home, it can be difficult to act normally when you are at work or even with friends.  It just consumes your whole being.  When you hear the words “I am not attracted to you anymore” or “we got married for the wrong reasons”, those are bombs that leave a deep scar in your life.  Remember however that if your spouse tells you those things, it is possible that they are just speaking out of anger.  It is possible that they do not really mean it.  Do not give up on your marriage even though you are hurting.  There are better things to look forward to if you plan your steps right.  These are simple tips to save a marriage.  Of course, you can tweak it a bit for a more personalized approach.

Discover: Find out the cause of your marital problem.  This is vital if you want to save it from digging an untimely grave.  Problems in marriages do not come out of nowhere.  They often build up through time when issues are not properly settled.  Discover is the first among the tips to save a marriage.

Pre Determine: Think of your future and imagine yourself being as happy as you were on the day that you said “I do”.  The goal is to restore your relationship to that level so that you will be happy with each other once again.  The second of the many tips to save a marriage is to pre determine your future.

Talk Politely: When you are hurt and angry, you can utter words that are really hurtful.  Whether you mean them or not, it does not matter.  Your words have cut deep and damage has been done.  So hold your tongue and be mindful of what you say.

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