You may have found a girl that you really liked and really wanted to get close to but somehow along the way slipped into the friend zone, a zone where she thinks of you more as a brother or close girlfriend than an eligible single male.   This is truly a problem that I’m sure you want solved as quickly as possible before you get cemented in.  Luckily there are three fairly easy ways to escape the friend zone.

The first thing you should do is stop being afraid to touch the girl.  This doesn’t mean groping, but simply making physical contact with her on a regular basis will really help you on your way out of the friend zone.  It is impossible to get intimate with someone if you never touch them.  The sooner you do it the easier it is, the longer you wait the more awkward it may seem.

The second thing you can do is be a little more reserved when you are talking to a girl.  Instead of opening up completely leave some of the details out so the girl becomes curious.  Really good friends share everything, so if you do this too early this is what the girl will see you as.  This will make them intrigued with you which can lead to more romantic encounters.

The Friend Zone

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The third thing you can do is really be aware of your own body language.  If you commonly talk by looking straight at them and occasionally making eye contact this is how most friends talk so this is how they will see you.  However, if you aren’t always looking at them when you’re talking to them, or you make really long eye contact with them they will see you in a more romantic light.

So if you are currently stuck in the friend zone start applying these tactics and hopefully you will be out of it in no time.  Remember to break the touch barrier, be more reserved, and be aware of your body language.


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