Yes, you love your partner with all of your being but if you want to know how to win back your girlfriend, then you have to know the whatnot’s and simply stop doing them.  A lot of men fall into all sorts of romantic traps just to get back their girlfriend.  Well guess what, the chances of those techniques actually working are very low.  Besides, you will not just fail if you employ those tricks.  You will also look like a fool.  So it has done 2 things for you: it made you lose both your girl and your pride.  Both of them are not good for your character and reputation.  So instead of telling you what to do in order to win back your gal, I will inform you on the what nots that you should be wary of.

What Not #1:  Do not resort to begging!  Some guys totally lose their sense of pride after a break up and resort to begging their ex, calling and texting like there is no tomorrow.  That is totally lame and chances are your ex would think so too.  Instead of eliciting the emotion of wanting to get back together with you, she may be happy to be rid of you at last.  So in your attempt to win her back, please keep your sense of pride and respect.  If you lose it, then you fall into the what nots trap of how to win back your girlfriend.

What Not #2:  Please do not be a jerk.  If you think that treating her like trash with your words or actions would work well, think again.  She will hate you for it for life.  Do you realize that not all couples who break up should be enemies?  At least ideally not but if a guy starts acting and talking like a total jerk, well that totally changes everything.  If your question is how to win back your girlfriend, nothing beats being a gentleman – even after a break up.  So continue treating her like the princess that she is if and when you do see each other.  She just might consider getting back together with you after that.

What Not #3:  Do not start hanging around other women right in front of her just to show her that you are so hot that you can get any woman that you want.  If you fall for that trap, you just might be able to get any woman that you want except your ex who you are trying to win over.  It is totally alright for her for you to engage in all sorts of things to improve yourself but hanging around women – that is the wrong move.  If you think that she will go after you out of jealousy, think again.  She would probably end up dating other guys herself.  How to win back your girlfriend?  Show her that she is still the woman for you despite everything that happened.

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