It is easy to attract men because they are very visual creatures. Just look your best, dress nice, wear some sweet smelling perfume and guess what, you will capture his attention for sure. The challenge begins once you two have been dating for some time because you slowly feel him losing interest in you. So for women out there who would like to keep the interest of their man, these are the golden rules on how to keep a man interested. If you follow these golden rules you will be on the path to keeping him interested and this will also help you on your journey to get a man.

Perhaps you have heard of this story before. Man dates woman. Woman is confident, independent and cool. At this point of the relationship the the women has relationship control. The problem however is that after dating for a little while, the woman falls head over heels in love with the man and she slowly changes without even noticing it. She loses herself to him and slowly plans starts revolving her life around him. That means that she is no longer that independent and confident woman that he fell in love with. In fact, it can even go so bad that she becomes too clingy. So women, if you want to know how to keep a man interested, the tip is to love yourself and be that confident, independent and smart woman that you were when you first met.

The second golden rule on how to keep a man happy is to complement him a lot and mean it too! Surely there are a lot of good things to complement your man about. If you like what he is wearing for the day then tell him so! If he did something nice for you then express just how much you appreciate it. Do not be stingy when it comes to praise because those little words of encouragement mean a lot to your man.

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