After a break up, the knee jerk reaction is to immediately contact your ex and ask him or her to come back.  According to the art of no contact, that just does not work for the simple reason that constantly texting, calling or stalking your ex could be counterproductive.  In fact, they could end up wanting to get rid of you all the more.

On the other hand, the art of no contact has a dual purpose.  The main one is to help you forget about your ex and move on.  Believe, your world will still spin even after the break up.  The second purpose is to use it as a strategy to get your ex back.  Of course, your time of not having any contact at all with your ex is shorter.  In fact, studies show that it should be confined to 30 days.

So why does the art of no contact work to get your ex back?  First, it would give your ex time to miss you.  After all that you have been through, surely he or she has already been accustomed to your company.  Second, it would create curiosity on their part.  If you used to report everything that you were up to well now is the time to stop.  Third, it would give them doubt as to how you really felt about them.  After all your declaration of love and loyalty before you broke up, completely not hearing everything from you would get them curious if you ever really loved them.

The art of no contact is not easy so brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions.  If you feel like you’re okay one time and then depressed the next moment, don’t worry.  That’s normal.  Just remember that if you do this right, your ex would fall for your strategy and you’ll be back together again.

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