Get a girlfriendAre you one of those shy guys who gets tongue tied the moment that you see the girl that you like?  Every time you get a glimpse of her, your heart rate quickens and your most sincere hope is for you and her to be together someday.  If that is the case, here is my question for you – does she even know that you exist?  Have you ever been introduced?  Maybe she has never even heard of you in her life.  How in the world will you be together someday?  So here is the 101 on how to get a girlfriend – make sure that she knows you at the very least.

You do not have a chance at all until that introduction so find a common friend to introduce you.  If there is none, get over that shyness and introduce yourself!  That is the 101 on how to get a girlfriend.

If you do this you will for sure have a girlfriend soon. Don’t make the same mistake that a lot of guys make and stay quiet. Let me tell you later you might find out that she liked you to and you never had the nerve to tell her. Yeah you might have another encounter when you guys get older but why wait you know that people change so don’t let this opportunity get away from you.

Follow these steps and read more about it. But there are easy ways to get a girlfriend. Just do some research and you will find a way.

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