Can you believe that the phrase “how to get my ex back” is among the most used words when people are searching in major search engines online such as Google or Yahoo.  That means that couples fight and sometimes they break up.  Now think of your friends who have broken up with their boyfriend or girlfriend in the past.  How many of them managed to get back together?

I say that you have a good fighting chance in getting your girlfriend/ boyfriend back – if you do things correctly.  You see, your actions after a fight tend to get critical.  When emotions are hurt and ideals are shattered, that could put you in a precarious situation.  And although that it is true that the tips that you can get online can be really helpful, it falls short on one thing: the personal touch.

The romantic ways to win back your partner are really ingenious but the point is the writer is not aware of the kind of partner that you had how the two of you ran your relationship and how you relate to your partner.  Perhaps that is the reason why it does not always work.  If a tip does not go by the dynamics of a couple, even an ingenious idea could fail.

This article aims to help you answer the question “how to get my boyfriend/girlfriend back” by describing dynamics between a couple.  If you think that you fall under that category, then read on and determine your next course of action.  That way, your move would be tailor fit to your dynamics as a couple.  Of course, no one knows your partner as well as you do so if you feel that there is a better idea to do things, by all means, do it.  After all, the important thing is getting your partner back, is it not?

Scenario #1: Your partner is the needy type and not really that great when it comes to self esteem.  You see and appreciate his or her value but somehow, your partner does not see what a great person he or she really is.  If that is the kind of partner that you have, well you can be sure that the break up really tore not just his or her heart but what is left of his or her self esteem.  “How to get my ex back?”  Make him or her feel extra special and important.  Treat your ex like royalty which in face he or she really is!

Scenario #2: Your ex totally hates it when someone works too hard on winning him or her back.  In that case, the last thing that you should d is to beg.  That would annoy him or her all the more.  So focus on self improvement – get a new hobby and spend for your looks.  The last thing you should look like is haggard.  Then wait around for your ex to be the one to approach you.

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