In the past, women were expected to be meek and just sit and wait around until Mr. Right came by and swiped her off her feet.  Well guess what, it is already 2011 and that is not the way things go anymore.  In fact, if women are attracted to a man, then they are actually empowered to go for him.  Of course, it is still not appropriate to just throw yourself at him.  Women still need to keep their womanly dignity and just presenting yourself to a man in a silver platter just is not right.  Hence, if you want to seduce a guy and make him fall for you, the trick is to be subtle about it.  That does not mean that you will not do anything but wait.  It simply means that you make him feel like it is his idea.

So what are the subtle ways to seduce a guy?  It is very simple.  Smile a lot and be playful whenever you are around him.  Make him feel how happy you are that the two of you are together.  If he has a dirt on his shoulder or even his cheek, then wipe it off for him.  Touch him in a slightly intimate way and he will know that you are interested and still not feel that you are being too forward.  When he speaks listen and have eye contact.  Show him that you are interested with what he has to say.

The big no no is to allow yourself to court him.  Do not rob him of the chance to feel like a man by doing all the work for him.  Let him make the first step and court you like a real lady.  After all, you deserve nothing less than that.

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