Save a Relationship

Relationships have a way of suddenly going south. Things can be going really great for a long period of time but slowly small issues start to appear, and over time these small issues become bigger ones until these once small issues now threaten to end the relationship all together. Thankfully there are four easy steps to save a relationship that anyone can use to great effect.

The first thing you should do is truly asses the relationship. Has the relationship run its course? Have you or your partner moved on? Is it worth saving? Do you still love your partner? Was it a good relationship when you were dating? These are all things you should ask yourself before going any further. People often times try to save a relationship as a knee jerk reaction. By honestly assessing the relationship like this you can save yourself the time and effort of trying to save a relationship they may have been doomed from the beginning, or just plain isn’t the best thing for you or your partner.

If you decide it is still best to save the relationship the next step is to discover what the actual problems are. It is easy to take problems on the surface and say those were the reason your relationship is failing however most of the times there are much deeper underlying issues that actually caused the break up. You and your partner should sit down with one another and honestly discuss each of your view points on what is taking a toll on the relationship. Accept what they say as their own perspective even if they are not exactly how you remember them occurring and provide your own perspective in a calm collected manner.

The third step is obvious but often forgotten; it is to address the issues. Create a specific plan of action and stick to it. Apart from actually figuring out the problems this is often the hardest part, as you or your partner may have to change habits, or other things that you do sometimes without even thinking. Finally you should try to always keep your relationship growing. If it is not growing it is dying.

These four steps are by no means extremely difficult. They just require you and your partner to really be honest with each other about what is wrong with your current relationship, and what will truly make it better.

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