No matter how in love you and your husband are, there are times wherein your marriage just seems to be

save marriage

save marriage

failing.  There are moments wherein you just want to give up because things are simpler when you are not together.  However, when that moment passes you just can’t help but plan ways to get back the spark that you and your spouse once had.  These are the steps to save a marriage. With effort on both your end, you can be happily married and in love just like the day that you said “I do”. By putting this effort in your marriage you will be able to get your husband or wife back and take relationship control from the get go.

First, commit to fixing your marriage.  If you really want things to work out between you and your husband, you cannot be half hearted about it.  You must go for it a hundred percent.  All actions must start with a solution.  In your case, recommit yourself to your spouse and remember that you promised to stick around through thick or through thin.  Now is the time to prove that you meant every word that you uttered during your vows.

Second, do not blame your husband or your wife for everything wrong that is happening to your marriage.  The truth is that when it comes to the blame game, no one wins.  Sure, you can save your pride by blaming your husband but the price is too great.  The price could be your marriage.  Is your pride worth that much?

Third, figure out what you want from your marriage and tell your spouse about it.  What has to change in the way that the two of you are living your married life?  What is causing you both to be so unhappy.  Figure out what you want and need from your marriage and express your desire to the other.  You cannot keep on guessing what the other wants.  It has to be expressed.

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