Perhaps the hardest thing to do when your single is to start a conversation with a girl or guy you have your eye on.  Not only do nerves make it hard for you to know what to say but they also make it hard to even walk over to him or her!  Luckily for you this guide will lay out a few basic ways for you to strike up conversations with people in the simplest easiest ways possible that still actually work.

To start with you should have what you are going to say already thought out and likely rehearsed a few times before you even go out of your house. If you want to just have casual conversation with a person you could go up to them and mention something about how nice their clothes are, or something about their hair.  If you are trying to make a more lasting impression however, you could say something more out of the ordinary.

An easy way to do this is go up to them and say hey “Linda!!!” (or Bob if you’re a girl),”I haven’t seen you in forever!” and then the guy or girl will say something along the lines of “I’m sorry do I know you? My name isn’t Linda (Bob), it’s Ashley (Larry).”  Then you can proceed to say “Oh, I’m sorry I used to know this attractive guy or girl named Linda (Bob), you look just like them!”

This is a great opening because you learn their name and it allows you to be slightly flirtatious at the same time.  Another different opening is to ask the person any kind of ridiculous question just to get them talking.

Overall the most important thing when first starting a conversation with someone is confidence, followed by a strong sense of what you are going to say before you start talking to the person.

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