If you have been best friends with a girl for a long time but suddenly realize you have feelings for her at a deeper level, you may be wondering if you should bring it up to her or not?  This is an extremely tough spot to be in especially because she is  your “best friend” if she was just kind of on the outskirts of your friend group it would make it a lot easier, though many of the best relationships do come from guys and girls who were friends before they started dating.

A somewhat difficult but definitely useful way to tell if the two of you should be together is if when you are hanging out with her do you feel a strong sexual tension between the two of you.  This does not mean do you fantasize about being with her.  It is referring to an electrifying and exciting feeling, is this chemistry there or is it not?  A lot of guys get really close to a girl and end up getting stuck in a friend zone, a zone equal with the girl’s girl friends or a gay guy friend, one that is purely not sexual.  In this position you will not get any action, though you will have a good friend.  Another thing you should think about before mixing things up is if you go to her now and try to make a move, or even just open up with your feelings to her will you lose your best friend?  Ask yourself if it is worth the risk.

So you really need to think about the relationship you and your best friend have.  It is definitely possible for you two to become a great couple, however if you have been in the friend zone for a very long period of time she may think of you more as a brother, or a girlfriend rather than a guy she would have a relationship with.

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