There are a lot of adult couples out there who need sexless relationship help.  One very important thing for you to realize is that a sexless relationship has developed from a deeper underlying problem.  A sexless relationship is defined as a serious adult couple who has sex ten times a year or less.

The most common causes of a sexless relationship are being stuck in a borrowing routine every single day, failure to be aroused, and psychological problems, as well as not being attracted to your mate as you once were, or if there was an affair or big fight.  Being in a sexless relationship is hard for all members, and is especially difficult for the person who still desires sex but has to deal with rejection time and time again.  The most important thing you can do at first is maintain constant communication with your mate.   A good reason to do this is because it is probably the best way to figure out why the other party doesn’t want sex, and gives you the best idea on how to fix this.  The next thing you should do is try to be spontaneous, and shake up the boring routine of your current relationship.  Do something to introduce excitement into your relationship.  Also try to be open minded about new sex positions.  Another thing you can do to try to help your sexless relationship is give your partner back or foot rubs, this will help them want to feel more intimate with you.

If the problem is bigger than these somewhat common problems the best thing you can do is sit down with your partner and talk to them about the problems their having with your sexless relationship.  Once you identify these problems you can make agreements to help each of you feel more trust and intimate with your partner.  If you do these things you have a great chance at increasing the amount of sex in an otherwise sexless one.


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