This article contains valuable information and tips for people to think about when they are in a romantic and love filled relationship.  Keeping in mind for woman romance is a very big deal, and if a guy knows how to be romantic with a  woman he is likely going to get a lot more sex.

So to start off with instead it is much better to have sex when you are not drunk, each of you can control yourself better and will likely be a lot more romantic in the process, also your senses are more alive, and it feels much better, and above all you can remember that you actually had sex.  Also despite what some people may think, it is always a good thing when you talk dirty in bed.

Also for men once you have your orgasm it is very important to remember that sex is not over for a lot of women, it is only fair that you keep going until they are pleased as well.  Also if possible never wear flannel pajamas to bed, they are simply not sexy, and are counter-intuitive, along with flannel pajamas, tidy-whities, and granny panties are both no no’s if you are looking to have sex later that night.

Another easy but very helpful thing to do is where deodorant, all day long and especially to bed.  Shaving pubic hair is also a very important part of looking good for your partner, no one wants to deal with a bunch of disgusting pubic hair.  For girls dressing sexy is a big part of getting a guys to want you, don’t just do it in bed do it all the time!  Complimenting each other is always encouraged as well as sex outside the bed room.

Hopefully these quick tips will greatly improve your sex lives!  For girls try to look and smell sexy as much as possible, guys should take care of themselves, and act confident, also be honest and supportive of eachother.

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