Are you feeling like your marriage is taking a backseat?  Do the kids wants and needs always seem to come first? Do you or your partner’s job take up some much time there just isn’t enough time for the two of you?  That is not surprising, because today most people have their priorities way out of line.  Many of us spend very large amounts of time paying bills, at work, and even just spending quality time with the kids.  Very few of us on the flip side spend a lot of time alone as a man and women together.

This lack of time spent together is often at the root of many if not all problems that arise within marriage.  Nearly every problem can be summed up to a lacking of time spent one on one alone with your spouse, because spending time with your spouse is usually last on your list of priorities.  To have a happy marriage couples should spend at least eight hours a week together, this means no cell phones, computers, televisions, or even books.  This time should be intimate and seriously time for you and your spouse to catch up with one another, this should be your top priority.

I know this sounds overwhelming, especially with your undoubtedly busy schedule, but seriously it really isn’t as hard to spend eight hours a week with your spouse as you might think.  When you think about it everything else that you put higher than spending time alone with your spouse really doesn’t matter nearly as much and often times is ruined to some extent if you and your spouse were to get a divorce.  That is why it makes a lot more sense to spend the alone time with your spouse and let everything else in your life fall into line from there.

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