save marriage get wife back

save marriage get wife back

When your marriage is in trouble, a lot of people get affected.  It is not just you who is unhappy and troubled but so is your wife, your children, your close family and even your friends who truly care.  Perhaps you and your wife have not yet divorced but even though you are still living under one roof, it is possible that you have already lost her.  If the respect, care and love are gone, then you two are as good as 2 strangers living in one house.  If you want a better home for your family, it is best for you to get your wife back and save a marriage.  But how can you do this?

Find out what went wrong if what your mistakes are.  Man up and apologize to your wife if you have to.  Own up to your mistakes.  Yes, it is a humbling process but if it means you would get wife back, won’t that be worth it?  So go ahead and examine yourself and let down your pride when you have to.  If you want to get her love back, then humility is your best tool. You don’t need to have relationship control all the time sometimes being a big teddy bear helps.

Identify parts of your attitude and behavior that needs to be changed.  What is the point of apologizing to your wife if she won’t see any change in you after all?  Now that you know what went wrong, you can easily identify how to change yourself.  Identifying what needs change is not tough at all.  It is actually changing that serves as a challenge.  That is an effective way to get wife back.

Let your wife know how you intend to change and even ask for her help to implement it.  Changing oneself is tough but with support from another, it is doable.  You need that to save your marriage.

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