Before you jump in and lose control in your efforts to try to get your girlfriend back, please take a couple of minutes to read this because you are about to commit the greatest mistake of your life.  When it comes to winning back your ex, reverse psychology is the key.  So do not go out there crying like there is no tomorrow.  That would leave you single and humiliated.

Self control.  That is the key to winning your ex back.  No, it is not easy but you must hang in there because you know that you have something better to look forward to if you do not waver in your resolve.

What reverse psychology techniques should you employ to get your ex back?  These are the ones that are proven to work.

1.      Have no contact with your ex.  That means no to all social media sites, calling or worse, visiting.  Never let your ex see you at your worst when you are all miserable and out of control.  It is normal for human beings to not know what they’ve got till it’s gone.  Use this technique on your ex and he or she will remember that good things that the two of you shared.

2.      Never attempt to make your ex jealous.  Yes, you want to show that you are self-sufficient but involving another person is not the key.  Besides, what you want is to get your ex back and not to find someone new.  Getting into another relationship is a no no at this point.

3.      Last, use your separation as a chance to grow up and mature.  If your girlfriend left you because you were acting like a boy, show her that you are now a man in order to get her back.


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