Do you know how to be a responsible husband and a sexy lover without putting in jeopardy either of the two things? Many people around the world in relationships wonder how they can balance day to day chores as well as spend enough time with their partner to make the relationship work.  How can they spend enough time alone with one another but not be neglecting their children or even their job?  This is a problem many parents are facing these days.  They come home exhausted from work and wonder where did my old life go?  The answers to these questions are easier than they may seem.

Remember that your wife was with you before you had kids, and that just because each of you have a lot of different responsibilities doesn’t mean you can’t still make an hour or more each day to spend with one another.  If you have children your biggest responsibility you have is to provide for them and provide them with a stable home.  This means that if you have to spend one hour more with your wife each day to make the marriage work, it is definitely worth it, and the kids will thank you for it.  It is extremely important to remember that almost everything meaningful in your life hinges on your marriage so really it should be your top priority.

There are many ways you can strengthen your marriage even if you feel overworked and overwhelmed.  This simply involves doing what you used to do with one another at the very start of your relationship, this includes going to movies, going out to dinner once a week, things like that.  Pretend you are dating, not that you are married, and have children.

So while it is important to continue working and maintain a stable income, as well as spend time with the children, give yourself on average at least an hour alone with your spouse.  Also during this time alone don’t spend it watching TV go out on dates and live like you were dating again.


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