A broken heart is relatively easy to fix as long as you are strong enough. There are many ways to go about it. First, you must decide if you wish to go it alone or you want help. Involving a close friend or family member is the easier way. Simply go to them and tell them what happened. It is then up to them to make you feel better. They must tell you nice things and blame the other person (even if it was your fault) and get you unhealthy but so delicious snacks. All you have to do in this situation is cry and whine and depend completely on them. When you are at the end of a relationship, friends and family will help you.

If that doesn’t sound great to you and you would like to go through the process alone, it will be a bit more difficult. You will have more options though. The first option is often shown in movies. You lay around watching romantic movies while eating ice cream and crying about how men in real life are nothing like that. Another alternative is lying around listening to sad songs. Those are the sad options.

You also have the angry options. This is where you take all the things he/she ever gave to you and destroy them. You could burn them or bury them or tear them to shreds. You deface all the pictures of him/her. You could post embarrassing photographs or videos on the Internet. Listening to songs about revenge on a past love often help in this situation. Then there’s the jealous option. This is where you plan to make your ex jealous. Usually you do this by getting with a close friend of your ex. You could also go to wherever they hang out and flirt with as many people as possible. You just have to try anything you can think of to make him/her jealous.

Now you might be someone who’s thinking that all of those options include a lot of work. For you, there’s only really one option: get over it. It may seem unrealistic or even difficult, but that’s all there is. That is the answer. At the end, everyone must come to the conclusion that there is nothing they can do that will change the situation. By crying or raging or flirting, you aren’t affecting your ex. It’s just you wasting all that time. So just get over it. Nobody else can do that for you.

If you follow this options you are for sure going to be able to take control of your life and have a nice relationship sooner or later.

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