I will now give you relationship advice, how to resolve arguments. It is normal for the man and the woman to have arguments every now and then.  So what is the difference between an argument that leads to the failure of a relationship and an argument that brings couples together?  It lies in answering one question for the couple who is fighting which is  “Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?”  Most couples end up losing the other because they would rather prove themselves right in the argument rather than to be happy with the person that they love.  So if you want to get through an argument and resolve a relational dispute, choose to be happy instead of right.  That does not mean of course that you will just say yes even though the other is plainly wrong.  It only means that you have to be careful with the words that you utter.

So when you find yourself having an argument with your partner, do your best to screen whatever it is that you are saying.  Don’t blurt out anything out of spite or anger because that one hurtful statement can make the other forget all the nice things that you have said.  It can cut really deep.  If you think that you are too angry and just cannot have a calm conversation right now, then just beg off and take a break.  When you are ready to be rational, then speak to the other.  That way, you can open up your heart and say what you think and feel in the most non hurtful way possible.

When you talk, do your best to be open to the point of your partner.  Try to come up with a compromise and then have a definite course of action to resolve your argument.

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