Save a MarriageWe have heard all sorts of advice that claim to help save a marriage.  First, you should see a marriage counselor.  Second, woo your wife.  Third, treat your husband like a king.  Fourth, open the lines of communication.  Fifth, spend more time with each other.  This list of things that you have to do just goes on and on.  But the question is, do they work?  For some couples, yes however it is not a magic formula that when you do it, your marriage would automatically be saved.  In fact, there are completely different ways to salvage your marriage.  They may be a bit non conventional but couples who have tried it attests to the fact that it works.  These are the non conventional ways to save a marriage.

First, contrary to the advice of most people to spend more time together when your marriage is going through a really tough time, it is actually advisable to spend some time apart.  Take note that this does not mean forever.  It simply means separating temporarily.  This time of separation is actually very important so that you can sort things through.  When your marriage is going through a tough time, you can be feeling all sorts of emotions and you need time to deal with them.  Once the strength of the emotion ahs passed, you can then assess your situation and look at it from a logical perspective.  Try to point out what the main problem of your marriage is and determine the steps that you and your spouse can take in order to make it work.   Once you have sorted things out, talk to your spouse and discuss your thoughts and stick to your plan of action.  That is one of the non conventional ways to save a marriage.

Second, during quiet moments when you are alone, just close your eyes and imagine what your life would be without your partner.  Think of the things, both big and small, that your partner does that endears your spouse to you.  Think of never again experiencing those things.  Wouldn’t you want to have your spouse back?  Wouldn’t that make you want to do your best in order to salvage your marriage?  When something is constantly being done for us, we tend to take things for granted.  Imagine it being taken away for good and you cherish it.  By imagining your life without your partner, you will end up treating the other better.

The third non conventional way to save a marriage is by talking to people your age who are still single.  Ask them if they are truly happy and content.  Chances are, they want to settle down with someone regardless of how perfect their life is.  After all, it is normal for human beings to want someone to share their life with.  Now that you have found that special someone, talking to single people would allow you to see your spouse in a completely different light.

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