Do you want to know how to win back ex girlfriend?  Perhaps you have tried all sorts of strategies only to fall flatwin back ex-girlfriend on your face.  Have you tried calling and sending her SMS messages?  Did you leave countless of emails and Facebook messages?  Maybe you even tried to wait for her at home and still not be able to catch her.  Those are things that you should not do because they are a surefire way to fail.  Women want men who are strong and decisive.  Seeing them beg and lose their confidence and self-esteem is a major turn off so do not fall for that trap no matter how hard you want to do it.

So where can you look for ways on how to win back ex girlfriend?  You can try to do it your way and see if it works or not or you can try to learn from the movies.  Yes, romantic movies may not be your thing but it just might give you some sweet and romantic ideas on how to win back ex girlfriend.  After all, you know she likes those things.  Why else would she ask you to watch with her, right?  Hence, here are some movie inspired ways on how to win ex girlfriend back.

In 10 Things I Hate about You, you have your usual hero and heroine who are having a problem in their relationship.  She is obviously a man hater and yet the leading man was able to get through to her.  What was the turning point?  He sang her a song called “Can’t Take my Eyes Off You”.  Okay, so you do not have to sing the exact same song.  You do not even have to cause a riot in school.  However, you can sing her a song that is close to your heart and hers too.  Mean every word.  You may not necessarily be the best singer (in fact, you may be the worst) but that is okay.  In this situation, it really is the thought that counts.  She would love to hear you sing sincerely no matter how off tune you are.

In the movie Jerry Maguire, the leading man told the woman that “You Complete Me.”  Cheesy?  Very but guess what, women do not mind cheesy for as long as the word is sincere.  Listen, you do not have to copy a famous movie line.  Come up with your own.  Maybe it will not turn out to be as poetic or as perfect but guess what, as long as it is from the heart, she really would not mind.  She wants to know what you are really thinking and feeling.  Men can be very reclusive and they often hold back when it comes to exposing their emotions.  If you want to know how to win back ex girlfriend, you have to break that wall and just express the emotions that are welling up inside of you.  Don’t hold it in.

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