Although romance is one of the most magical parts of any relationship there are ways that you can have have misconceptions in romance.  It is what makes relationships flourish, and then eventually become marriages.  When relationships have a large amount of romance, people forget about their problems, their worries, and are really enjoying life.  So it is really understandable that relationships lacking in romance sometimes can take a turn for the worse, especially if one partner is longing for more romance than the other and if one or both of you have misconceptions about how the other person feels about the level of romance in your relationship.

So what are a few of these misconceptions about romance that people have?  Overall there are six really common and fairly easy to deal with misconceptions that a large amount of people fall into.

The first misconception is that romance and sex are the same thing.  It is true that romance can sometimes lead to sex, it is important to remember that romance helps people satisfy their emotional needs more while sex helps satisfy physical needs.

The next misconception is that romance is unnecessary in a relationship, because you are too busy with other more important things in your life.  If your relationship is important to you, you should always and can always find time for romance.

The third misconception is that you need to spend a lot of money to be romantic.  This couldn’t be further from the truth, romance isn’t about the things you buy for someone, but about the meaning behind your actions, or could even be nice things you say to the person, remember romance is all about trying to make your partner feel special.

Number four is that romance requires an extreme amount of time an effort.  This misconception is somewhat true in the fact that in order to be in a very serious relationship with someone you are bound to have spent a lot of time with that person in the past.  However once you have really made a really strong relationship with someone any small things you do for them will mean a lot, no matter how small, or inexpensive, they will truly appreciate any small gifts.

The fifth common misconception about romance is that woman are more romantic than men.  Though this is sometimes the case the opposite is true about half the time.

Finally the sixth misconception is that someone is either born a romantic or not.  This is not true, anyone can be romantic, or even learn to be romantic.  Remember Romance is not in the genes!

So overall it is the little things that matter when it comes to romance.  Always make time for your loved one, and even if being romantic doesn’t come naturally to you, any effort you make will make your loved one happier and more satisfied with your relationship.

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