Although women are typically known as the ones who are hard to read, men often send mixed messages as well. Men and commitment, more men have long been known to be rather flaky when it comes to commitment.  This article will hopefully help you shuffle through these facts and help you do what is right for you and your relationship.

Some women make a habit of accepting less than what they deserve in relationships, and in simple terms are settling.  The reason many women do this is because they are getting almost everything they wanted out of a relationship, minus only one or two small things.  One of the biggest reasons women settle is because it is a hard sometimes scary world for a single out there, and they figure if they are with a guy who makes them happy for the most part they have something really good.

A lot of this stems from what the guy’s are saying to a girl, what girls need to do is really focus on what the guy is doing rather than saying.  Always pay attention to a guys actions rather than his words.  When you focus on what a guy is really doing for you rather than what he is saying his emotions and true feelings become a lot clearer. What it all boils down to is when you really love someone you frequently do things to make them happy rather than just say nice things to maintain the status quo.

So when girls complain about guys sending mixed messages, and not being committed they really aren’t trying to.  If you pay attention to what the guy is doing not saying you will know how he really feels.  He could just be saying nice things to maintain the peace, or not hurt anyone’s feelings, but what he does for you really reflects how he feels about you.  Also if a guy making you feel insecure because of his actions you should let him know, and if he keeps doing it he probably doesn’t have your best interests at heart.


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