Many men spend hours trying to find out the best way to attract women, either by working out endlessly, learning pickup lines, or even tanning.  However, there is a much easier way to attract women by simply being you.  You don’t have to be rich, manly, or well dressed.

The single most important factor if you want to attract a girl is to win her respect.  Without this you have about as much chance with her as you do going to mars.  Winning the girl’s respect means making her see the good qualities in you, which is exactly the reason why guys in bars and clubs often don’t come across as very attractive or interesting to most women.

Why would a girl respect a guy who seems like he only cares about drinking and hanging out, without doing anything meaningful with his life?  You want the girl to see how good of a person you are so she admires your actions, then you will have earned her respect.  Unless you are an amazing dancer it is better usually to meet a girl anywhere else besides a bar or club because it will be much easier for you to show the girl your true qualities somewhere else.

This will allow you to display your sense of humor, or perhaps your skill at playing an instrument, nearly any other scene besides the bar and club scene is more conducive toward displaying your worth to women, and therefore will greatly increase your chances of getting the girl to respect you.  You can gain respect by doing even small things that make you stand out or even just seem more interesting than the average guy.

The key to any women’s heart is by getting her to respect you.  This is not done by using pick up lines on her or being the biggest guy in the bar or club.  Display your qualities that make you special and you will be well on your way to winning a girl’s respect.

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