In poker being able to keep a straight face even when bluffing is an essential skill, however outside of the game if people use this skill they can get away with lying, and any number of other frowned upon behaviors.  So how can you tell if your loved one is being honest (using his or her poker face in your relationship)?  This article will outline a few easy ways to tell if your loved one is being honest with you, or if they are lying their pants off.

While mothers always seem to be able to tell when their children are lying, there is really no iron clad best way to tell whether someone is lying or not, though there are indeed a few basic principles that can greatly increase your chances.  Although some forms of liars are extremely good at covering their tracks, namely pathological liars and people that lie a lot, there are definitely a few basic behaviors most exhibit when lying.

These behaviors include, averting their eyes, having sweaty palms, fidgeting incessantly, looking uncomfortable, or just in general acting weird.  Another way to know is continuous questioning, if you keep asking a person questions about the certain subject or event that happened eventually if they are lying their facts won’t match up, or they will get tripped up and you will have found their lie.

Lying happens in many relationships, and largely isn’t a very healthy habit to take part in.  If you question whether your loved one is lying about something, and it really means a lot to you that they tell the truth you should ask them a few questions about it, then if they exhibit any of the behaviors exhibited continue questioning them until they come clean with their lie.  Best of luck.

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