Get Back with BoyfriendDon’t you ever wonder what the big deal is about being in a relationship?  It can be such a pain and it entails a lot work.  So you and your boyfriend just broke up.  Why feel bad about it when it can actually be the best thing that happened to you.  After all, being single is a lot of fun.  You are back in the dating field and a lot of guys would want to get your attention.  You have more time for yourself and you do not have to take anyone else into consideration when you make decisions.  Why in the world would you want to get back with boyfriend?  Is it even worth it?

So what are the perks of being single?  First, you can date a lot of people all at the same time.  You are uncommitted so you might as well entertain all your suitors and have a different date for breakfast, another date for lunch and another date for dinner.  They certainly cannot hold that against you.  After all you are just dating.  It’s not like you are an item.  Second, it means less responsibility on your part because you are just fending for yourself now.  You do not have to take him into consideration.  Third, you have more time for other things because you do not have to be with him for most of your spare time.  You can try out another hobby or hang out more with friends.  Considering all the perks of being single, is it worth to get back with boyfriend?

The answer is definitely a big YES!  Why do you think so many women opt to get back with boyfriend despite the many perks of being single?  That is because it just cannot compensate for all the good things about being in a relationship.  First, it is great to care for someone in that way and know for a fact that your special someone cares for you as well.  When you are with someone that you love, you just cannot help but feel safe and secure in their arms rather than being left all alone to fend for yourself.  When you are with your boyfriend, you want to be the best person that you can be and if you have the same effect on him, you bring out the best in each other.  You also have something meaningful to look forward to because seeing him just makes your day.

Those are just some of the things that make it worth your while to get back with boyfriend.  After all, if he is the one, every sacrifice, every investment and even all the hurts that come with being in a relationship make it absolutely worth it.  Somehow, all the good things of being single just cannot measure up to having that one person who would hopefully be the same person who would wait down that isle the moment that you say “I do”.

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