If you and a person you are dating have strong beliefs in different faiths, even if you are compatible in a plethora of other ways, this still could cause potential problems, especially if your families are very passionate about their faith as well.  So can interfaith relationships work?

Fortunately for you the answer is inexplicably yes, especially if you are willing to work with your partner and if you and your partner can accept each other’s differences.  If you are the kind of person who think that your faith is the only true faith however, and everyone else is condemned, then put bluntly and interfaith relationship is simply not for you.  The main reason for this is because it just isn’t right for you to be looking at your loved one thinking he or she is going to burn when they die or something along those lines.  Also it is not right for you to try to force your faith on the other person in the relationship.

Another important thing to consider is how would your family feel about you dating someone of a different faith, and even more important how would they treat the person?  Also how will you handle if your family were to ostracize your date just because they were a different faith if you don’t mind the other persons faith, but your family does will you be able to ignore them and have a happy relationship otherwise?  If you are getting more serious with this person you need to consider if you have children what faith will they be? Would you be alright with letting them choose between both of your faiths? if the answer is yes, and your partner’s is yes, then an interfaith relationship will definitely work for you.

Overall there are a very large amount of variables that come into deciding whether an interfaith relationship will work for you or not.  Chances are if you are fairly easy going about what other people believe and so is your partner you will do fine.


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