One of the most important things for couples to realize is that being together while not conducting business is perhaps the most important facet of a relationship.   This goes hand in hand with communication.  If you and your partner aren’t communicating well together, your relationship will likely struggle because of it.  Below are a few ways to improve your communication.

If you make at least five mentions of how you appreciate your partner for each thing you criticize them this also will put them in a much happier mood as well as help them respond better to your criticism.  People don’t realize that if they give one appreciation to one criticism it actually starts taking your relationship down a rough and winding path, and usually resulting in conflict.  To improve your communication you should first practice listening to your partner without interrupting.  Focus on your breaths and what your partner is really saying when they are telling you something, rather than rehearsing in your head your retort to them.  This will allow you to hear them and make them feel as though you understand their point better.

People really want to be themselves in the presence of someone else.  If you truly focus your attention on your partner when they are talking rather than continuing whatever chore or thing you may be doing, it will create an emotional reservoir that the two of you can draw on in times of need.  One other thing you can do to improve your communication is when you are in a conflict think about what you are scared of.  Underneath most conflicts is fear that you and your partner have.  So if you really think the next time the two of you are fighting, what about this conflict scares me, you should communicate this to your partner and it will create a much deeper connection.

People just want to be understood and accepted by one another, and this is true about you and your partner as well.  Be understanding of them, listen to them more, and be honest and you will instantly start communicating better.

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