Get back a girlfriend in the right time.Right after a break up, it is common for a guy to immediately want to spring into action and want to get back a girlfriend.  However, that is not always the wisest course of action.  The reason behind it is that your emotions are still turbulent right after a breakup.  Everything is just heightened at that time – your feelings of anger, betrayal, loneliness and even grief.  That is not exactly the best way to try to win her over, right?  In order for you to convince her to give your relationship another shot, she has to know that you are ready for it.  The moment right after a break up is not exactly the best time to show her that.  Besides, you also have to know for yourself that you are mature enough and that you have what it takes to make your relationship work for the long run.  So how can you tell when you are ready to get back a girlfriend?  These are the telltale signs.

The first way to tell that you are ready to get back a girlfriend is when you are no longer desperate.  That is because desperation is often mistaken for love but that is not really the case.  Sometimes, desperation springs from the fact that your ego was hurt and you have to recover what you lost.  Sometimes, you are desperate simply because you and your girl have been together forever and you just do not know how to cope anymore without her.  Sometimes you are desperate just because you are afraid of being alone.  That is not really love.  Once you sense that you are no longer desperate but still want to get her back due to deeper reasons than those mentioned above, then that is a sign that you are ready to get back together with her.

The second way to tell if you are ready to get back a girlfriend is when you can already stand on your own feet. The problem with some people in a relationship is that they get too dependent on the other to the point that they are unable to “survive” on their own.  That is really dangerous because even though you are in a relationship, you re still your own person.  So if you can make it on your own but still want her by your side anyway, that is a good sign that you are ready to get back a girlfriend for the simplest but most compelling reason that you really want her.

Third, you are ready to get back a girlfriend if you are already somewhat happy with your life but feel that it can still get better with her by your side.  Remember, the point of being in a relationship is not that you will be miserable without the other but simply because you can be happier and more content with your loved one with you every step of the way.

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