In a relationship everyone usually wants to be in an equally beneficial relationship.  Sadly, every once in a while people get into relationships for malicious intent, trying to gain something only for them.  It is very important to be able to tell if you are being manipulated by your significant other, as well as how to stop this unfortunate behavior.

This first thing to do is make sure that you actually know what being manipulated consists of.  If your partner seems to be trying to control you, or make you do things you do not want to, this should raise a few alarms already, however it also could consist of them asking for money from you and never paying you back, or a number of many other things.

If you feel like someone is trying to make you do something, to some extent they are manipulating you.  It is also important to realize that there is a fine line between manipulation and compromise.  It really is just important to make sure you don’t get forced into something that is going to have negative consequences for you.  If someone is working behind the scenes and really trying to make you do something you’re unsure about, you are most likely being manipulated in a negative way.

All in all it is a hard thing to tell if you are being manipulated in a negative way or just a normal day to day kind of way, as well as differentiate manipulation from standard compromise.  If you really don’t want to do something and someone is badgering you to do one thing or another, you should steer clear of this behavior as it will likely have negative consequences.  If you don’t want to get manipulated stand up for yourself and make your own decisions.

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