survive a breakupThe world has ended because the love of your life broke up with you. Many men and women have been in this situaiton before. It’s called unreciprocated love, and it’d one of the greatest pains. When someone breaks up with you, doubts start running through your head. You may wonder if you were good enough or what went wrong. If you were blind-sided by this break up, then you really wonder what went south in the relationship. Stop wondering! It did not work out so the only thing you can do is move on. The best way to get over past loves are with new loves. Start dating again. If you think it’s too soon to date, then just make new friends. The key is to keep yourself busy. You shouldn’t sit at home and mope because someone doesn’t want to be with you anymore. You may think that person was the only one, but there are many fish in the sea. Remember there is a butt for every seat. You will find that special person, but first, you need to feel special yourself.

Find who you are during this time. Try things you’ve been meaning to try. Visit old friends. Start a new hobby. Your life has not stopped because someone dumped you. Don’t you dare feel sorry for yourself. You are alive and special, and someone will see that in you. Go and find those like-minded individuals. If you have a hobby, join a group supporting that hobby. If you love to read, visit your local library. If you like to walk your dogs, find dog parks in your area. There are plenty of ways to get out and meet people who are like you. You need to be open to accept new relationships into your life. Even friends and family will make you feel better. Talk with your loved ones and make new memories. Those memories will make bad memories in the past where they belong. The more memories you make, the more distant that break up becomes and the more distant is the pain.

Now, you know how to cope with a break up. Burn that bridge and never revisit it. Never long for it to magically reassemble itself because it is a waste of time. The relationship has ended. It ended for a reason. Don’t think it will begin again. Get over it, and find someone more compatible. The best way to see if someone is compatible is to find out how they define terms. Think of the important qualities you find in a mate. If you and a prospective lover share the same definition of those important terms, you will be a good match. If your definition of love is unconditional acceptance and someone has the same definition, then you two may be compatible. If your definition for romance is candle lit dinners and there’s is a movie and bowling, don’t expect it to be different. The way people define things is the best indication of who they are as a person. Now, if you look back, can you say your past lover had the same definitions as you for the terms love, romance, honesty, intelligence, etc? You two were not a perfect match then. It’s difficult to find someone who has alike definitions as yourself so it takes time, trials, patience, and pain, but it will be worth it.

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