Arguing happens in nearly every relationship, for so many reasons it is impossible to count, for this very reason it is of great importance that you and your partner can handle these problems and stop arguing without too much trouble.  Remember there is two sides to every argument, and being more understanding will always help things go smoother.

If you find yourself in argument mode with your loved one, it is up to one of you to change this and bring the mood back to something that isn’t peeving one of you.  The easiest  way to do this is for you to refer back to something both of you enjoy.  The ultimate best way to stop an argument is by asking questions, either about why the person is mad or about unrelated happy subjects either one will deflect the angry mood and start bring both of you to a place where you can think more clearly about the real problem, not the trifling detail that started the argument in the first place.  Blaming your partner or anything else will not stop the argument, nor will staying in your angry state.  If both of you are angry you certainly will not be able to solve your argument, so simply bring down the mood by asking questions and referring back to a time when both of you were in a much calmer and happier place than you were at the start of the argument.

Arguments will happen as sad as that fact may be, it is important to deal with them as completely and quickly as possible.  The best way to get your arguments over quicker and let you get on with your normal life as soon as possible is to calm yourself and your spouse down, so you can think logically about your problem rather than emotionally and irrationally.

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