Have you ever wondered if that new girl you have been talking to likes you or if she is just being a tease?  This article provides you 9 easy signs to look for to tell if she is really digging you or not, and will help you pick up on subtle body language she may be using without you even realizing it.

The first step is noticing when you walk into a room or a cafeteria and the girl in question notices you she may perform an act call preening.  Preening is when a girl adjusts her bra or hair, basically trying to make herself look better on a moment’s notice.  This is a very definite sign she is in to you as she is trying to make herself look pretty for you.  The second sign to tell if a girl likes you is if she stutters or blushes when you talk to her.  The third sign is if the girl holds your gaze longer than an average person would, or much shorter.  The longer gaze shows the girl really is enjoying looking at you, and the shorter shows she was most likely checking you out but doesn’t want you to know.  The fourth thing to look for is if the girl commonly plays damsel in distress around you.  This behavior consists of hinting she wants your jacket if it’s cold outside or needing help opening something.

The fifth sign is if she goes out of her way to hug you, brush against you, or make physical contact in any way, any of these are good indicators she likes you.  Sixth is if the girl you’re wondering about shows up places where you are by coincidence, she probably knew you were going and planned to see you there.  The seventh sign is if when you walk by the girl’s friends they start giggling or poking fun at the girl.  This indicates she told them about you and is most likely interested.  Eighth is noticing if she asks you a lot about what kind or “type” of girl you like.  The final and ninth step is if the girl flirts with your friends right in front of you or talks about how hot movie stars are, in both cases she is just fishing to see if you get jealous or not.

If you notice a few of these nine signs in the girl you’re thinking of chances are she likes you, and if you like her a good relationship between the two of you is definitely possible. This might help you if you want to learn how to get a girlfriend.

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