Do you get confused when trying to interpret mixed messages you receive from women? Don’t worry because this is likely much more common than you may think.  It is easy to get confused by the messages women are constantly sending, and without access to quality information it is near impossible to make the right decisions based on the messages women send you.  By reading some of these messages wrong, many guys form wrong decisions about how to act around women, and this could lead them to believe they just aren’t attractive to women.  There are a few little secrets to deal with these mixed messages that will help you have much more success with women.

The first thing you should remember is that you shouldn’t trust what women tell you they think is attractive, because it could lead you seriously off course.  A lot of guys set themselves up for lasting failure with women because they make the all to simple mistake of listening to what the girls say they find attractive.  Have you ever noticed that the qualities women say they want in a guy  like consideration, romance, and commitment are not the things they actually end up going for in a guy?  More often than not they will go for a guy who offers none of the things they said that they wanted in a guy, but rather someone who they find interesting and unpredictable.  Even if he makes them feel bad, they are still attracted to him.  It’s not that women purposefully lie about what they want in a guy, it is more likely that they simply do not know themselves.

Another tip is to be confident in yourself, you don’t need to be rich, good-looking, or famous to attract a girl, obviously those things would be helpful, but they are definitely not necessary.  If you take care of yourself well and have a well put together life women will really find that attractive.

The bottom line is if you come across as strong, confident, and interesting to a women she is probably going to want to know more.  So disregard the mixed messages women may be sending you, and act confident in yourself and your actions.  Even if a girl tells you she wants a guy with very specific traits you still have a very good chance if you are clean cut, have your life put together, and are confident around them.

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