Everybody has learned how to flirt from what you see on TV or from your parents. If you read this you might learn how to improve your flirting technique. Would you be interested if I could tell you about a way of not only intensifying attraction between you and a women but also setting the stage for more intimacy down the road?  Here is the best part, it is not that hard!  We instinctively know how to do it, we usually are just too scared to try.

I’m talking about something the pickup community knows as “kino” short for kinesthetic. For the rest of us that means that learning to touch a girl in a way that amps up the flirtation and sexual tension.  Here is what usually happens, when it comes to the getting physical side of things most guys don’t even think about touching a women until they are ready to move in for a kiss or something, or they just think about it and keep putting it off hoping that somehow things will magically get easier, or that she will make the move for you.  So to use kino to its maximum effectiveness it is important to use it in a way that is light-hearted,  joky and physical, but in a completely natural way that just seems really easy to her.  This is the part that most guys struggle with, they spend so much time being nervous and being keyed up around women, or not even talking to them, that being light-hearted, joking around, and physical seems out of the question.

Most men don’t realize that unless they set the ground work it is really hard to kiss a girl and make it seem natural.  All in all it is just going to be awkward if you all of a sudden move in for a kiss without ever touching her beforehand.  It is much easier on the other hand to be a naturally physical and light-hearted guy.  If she is already accustomed to your touch then further intimacy is only going to feel like a natural extension of your previous endeavors.  There isn’t going to be any big moment when you go to kiss her, it will just feel smooth and natural.

Overall you should try to start touching a woman from the first time you meet her, even if you don’t see yourself as a touchy feely kind of guy.  When doing this make sure the touch is appropriate for the situation, and your level of connection with her.  Also don’t overstay your welcome by lingering while touching her.  By doing these simple and easy things you will be well on your to mastering kino.

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